Jay Mason-saxophone and woodwind artist

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"Jay Mason’s lessons are nothing short of exceptional. He is a talented teacher and truly knows how to get the best results out of his students. I personally have been taking lessons from him over Skype for a year now and I have noticed that I have grown by leaps and bounds as a musician thanks to Jay. The minute you meet Jay, it’s like you’ve known him for years. If you decide to take lessons, be prepared to work hard, have fun and most importantly reach your highest potential as a musician.

Kind Regards!"



Interested in studying saxophone, flute, clarinet, oboe or improvisation with Jay?  You can, and you can choose to do it one of three ways:

1. You can arrange to meet with me in-person for a one-on-one lesson.  I'm available as my schedule permits in Irvine or Long Beach, CA. If you live in this area or will be in the area, feel free to to contact me at saxflyr@cox.net to arrange a lesson or series of lessons. 
2. You can take an online  lesson via Skype with me, anytime that works mutually for both of us.  Here's what you'll need:
-A high-speed internet connection on your computer OR an iPad or other tablet with internet access
-A webcam with microphone, or a webcam and separate microphone set up, or a tablet with built-in mic and video.
-A Skype account and connection
-A PayPal account
Once you've assemble all of these items and accounts, please email me at saxflyr@cox.net to arrange a trial run.  We'll make sure the set up works for both of us, and then we'll arrange for a lesson time from there.  Once your payment is received at my PayPal account, you'll be all set. 
3. You can record yourself, either audio or video, and send me the file.  When we set this up I will inteview you and ask you to record selected material for me.  Once I've received the file, and your payment at my PayPal account, I'll record my suggestions and demonstrations on a video file and send that back to you. 
I will also be beginning a master class once a week, on the following topics:  Ear Training; Saxophone performance techniques;  Woodwind Doubling; Improvisation.  These will rotate from week to week.  Check back on the Calendar and the New and Events on the title page of this website for dates as I set them up.  At first this will be in the Irvine, CA area, but as things develop check back for doing this as an online web conference!!
I look forward to the opportunity to work with you!!! 

"Skype has made the world feel like a single city.  I used to be limited to the professional saxophone players and teachers around my area; I was stuck at the level everyone was at.  Then I found Jay Mason on Skype and my opportunities became infinite.  With the combination of Skype and a wonderful teacher based out of California, I am able to sit comfortably and have a lesson in the confines of my home in Florida.  Jay makes it so easy; send an email and within a few days I'll be talking with him almost face to face as he passes on his skills.  It is as close as I can get to being in person without traveling 3,000+ miles, and the screen doesn't create much of a barrier.  So far, there really hasn't been many instances where the camera hinders the lesson, rather it allows us to each have our privacy when necessary but have a full-fledged lesson when we are ready.  These Skype lessons have made me a much better musician in all aspects.  I hope others will value it as much as I have. "