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Jay Mason

December 2014 NEWS:  LIFE IN THE BUBBLE NOMINATED FOR FOUR GRAMMYS!!!!  Gordon Goodwin's latest recording 'Life in the Bubble', which I was privileged to be a part of, has been nominated for FOUR Grammy awards.  Congratulations to Gordon, and to all of my colleagues on this project.  If you are planning to attend the Jazz Education Network (JEN) Conference in San Diego, CA on January 10th, you can hear the band play these charts live.  For more info on the nominations, check out the Facebooks pages for either Gordon or myself.  
BIG PHAT VIDEO!  The Phat Band has just released a new music video of the title track from our album 'Life in the Bubble'.  Here's a link, and you can check it out if you visit my Facebook page to view the Grammy nom info too!   

RELEASED: SEPTEMBER 8, 2014 FULL MOON IN PISCES From the Moon to the Earth is a 21-piece song cycle from composer and recording artist J S Kingfisher. One piece from the cycle is released every full moon, beginning February 14, 2014 and ending September 27, 2015. Nosferatu marks the eighth release in the series. See the full song list here.


Here's a really cool promo for the Phat Band's new album 'Life in the Bubble'; it'll be released on May 13!!

Gordon and the Big Phat Band have released a new single, honoring Oscar Peterson.  You can purchase it on iTunes here:


And, here's an article about the track:


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Frank Macchia's new CD "Son of Folk Songs for Jazzers" : http://www.frankmacchia.net/
George Stone's new CD "The Real Deal" : http://www.georgestonemusic.com/
Dirk Fischer & George Stone's "Coming of Age": http://www.seabreezejazz.com/ 
Toy Story 3
The Princess and the Frog
Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore
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